Congrats, Your call is confirmed!

Here are some important next steps to prepare before our call…

Step #1

Read the Following Points

  1. This is a Zoom call.
  2. Your zoom link is provided in the confirmation email, and in your calendar invite. Please make sure you’re ready to go with Zoom installed with the video on if possible.
  3. Please show up on time.
  4. I respect your time and I hope you’ll respect mine too 🙂 If anybody is late or doesn’t show up, I will not book a second call.
  5. Please choose a quiet place.
  6. Please make sure you’re at home in a quiet place or somewhere you’ll be able to have our conversation without distraction.
  7. Be ready to take action.
  8. We may or may not be a good fit – either outcome is absolutely fine. However, if we do end up going ahead, we expect to get started immediately.

Step #2

Watch these training videos before our call

Video #1: Title Video 1

Length: x min

Video #2: Title Video 2

Length: x min

Video #3: Title Video 3

Length: x min